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Metal Trading Bot

The Metal Telegram Trading Bot is our newest addition to our ever growing suite of tools. This bot brings together the best features of on-chain trading, the convenience of Telegram, and next level integration of our flagship Alpha bots to create a the most powerful tool for Uniswap trading.


Alpha Bot

Have you ever wished you had a friend who’s got your back in the trading game? Well, now you do! Meet Metal Alpha! These personal trading assistants are here for you, leveraging 12 months of historical on-chain data to help you find gems.


Metal Auto-Trader Bot

Metal Auto Traders execute trading signals based on a specialized version of our flagship Alpha Bots. Every token holder regardless of their holding amount get profit revenue share from the automated-trades.

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How to use Metal Tools

Step 1

Verify your token ownership to get started, head over to our official Telegram channel. Here, you'll need to verify your token ownership. It's a simple process designed to ensure the security and exclusivity of our tool suite.

Step 2

Customize your settings next, it's time to set up your tools. You have the flexibility to customize your settings to fit your trading style and needs. If you prefer a hands-off approach, you can use our pre-configured Alpha bots. They're ready to go and optimized for performance.

Step 3

Join the Lounge: After verifying your token ownership and setting up your tools, head over to our lounge. It's a space where everyone hangs out, shares their experiences, and collaborates on using the tools. Dive into discussions, exchange tips, and enjoy the vibes. It's all about learning and growing together!

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Revenue I

$METAL Token Tax System

5% Tax on Buys and Sells

Revenue II

Metal Auto-Trader bot profits

Revenue III

Metal Tools subscription model

Revenue IV

Metal Trading Bot

Weekly ETH airdrop

Metal Token Holders

1% From Revenue I

70% From Revenue II

50% From Revenue IV

Metal NFT Holders

60% From Revenue III


3% From Revenue I

30% From Revenue II

50% From Revenue IV

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Contract Address


Token Supply 100M

Ticker $METAL

Partnerships 3%

Team 2%

NFT Airdrop 10%

Uniswap LP 85%

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1-What's all of this?

This is a complete bot suite to help you with trading on Uniswap on-chain trades.

2-What bots do you have and what they do?

Right now we have five fully functional bots:

a- Alpha Bot

b- Alpha Bot (Less Filtered)

c- Fresh Wallet Mempool Sniper

d- Metal Auto Trader

e- Banana Tracker Bot

3-What does Alpha bot? Is it just another fresh wallet sniper?

No, it is way more advanced than that.

The Metal Alpha Bot is an alpha bot that operates on a custom algorithm. This algorithm is based on Uniswap event data from the past 10 months, providing the bot with a better understanding of market trends. Fresh wallets is only just one condition we check.

4-What's Metal Auto Trader?

Metal Auto Trader Bots operate on addresses(metaltoolstrader1-3) and execute auto-trading signals based on a specialized version of our flagship Alpha Bot. When it makes a profitable trade it shares 70% of the created profits with $METAL token holders.

Every $METAL holder benefits from the generated revenue, no matter the size of their token holding.

5-How many times does your bot ping? Will I get pinned all the time like other bots?

Absolutely not, with our big 23 August Algorithm Update on Less Filtered bots, you get max pings around 10 times a day for each of the bots.

6-Alright, what's fresh wallet mempool sniper then?

Fresh wallet mempool sniper is a tracking tool that pings when multiple "fresh wallets" snipe a coin at launch. While this condition might be random sometimes, insiders have tendencies to stay under radar.

7-Are there other bots coming up?

Yes, we will have our full trading bot open (with functionalities such as limit orders, block tipping) this month for everyone. Metal Token holders will also receive half of fees generated from the trading bot.

8-What are the requirements for using the tools?

There are currently two tiers:

Tier 1: 0.7% $METAL (700k tokens) or one NFT access pass

Tier 2 (30 seconds-delay on Alpha bot calls): 0.2% $METALL (200k tokens)

9-How about if we hold less than 0.1% are there any other benefits?

Absolutely, with the release of our Metal Auto Trader Bot every holder regardless of their holding amount get profit revenue share from the automated-trades. Every holder regardless of their holding amount also get tax revenue share from the $METAL token transaction tax.

Fresh Wallet Mempool Sniper is open for everyone holding 0.1% $METAL (100k tokens) without any delay

Banana Tracker Bot is open for all


For more information and see past performance of our bot calls please check out our Twitter and our documentation at
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